Admission FAQs

Following are some of the most frequent questions asked by new residents or families wishing to place their family member at St. Mary’s Nursing Center, Inc.  Due to the limited space, the answers have been condensed.  Please feel free to ask the Admissions Office personnel your questions.


What are the visiting hours?


Suggested visiting hours are 8 am to 8 pm.  The Center is secured (locked) from 8 pm to 8 am each day.  However, family members can still visit after the building is secured.  Access can be gained through the Employee Entrance located on the East End of the building. Please follow the directions posted in the vestibule.  Due to residents having gone to bed and are sleeping at this time, visiting after the building is secured for the night will be limited to your loved one either in their room or in an area where the roommate or other residents will not be disturbed) 

How does the TV/Cable/Phone services work?

The J. Patrick Jarboe Rehabilitation Unit has been wired for telephone and television.  Television sets are available for rent. The remaining Nursing Units are not prewired for telephone. Arrangements need to be made by the family or personal representative through Verizon for telephone service.  Television connections are available and the resident or family must provide the television. 


What type of security is provided?


St. Mary's Nursing Center, Inc. employs security personnel from 4 pm until 12 midnight.  If a resident wishes to have a secured area within their room, accommodations can be made for the installation of a locked drawer

What is included in the room and board rate?

Inclusive in the room & board rate is basic nursing service, housekeeping, lighting  heat & air-conditioning  activities suited to the person’s interests, social services, laundry (linens & towels), maintenance on provided equipment, restorative nursing, Dietitian services and special Diets if needed,  The current rate schedule for charges can be found by clicking here . Not included in the basic rate will be medications, Physician visit fees, therapy costs, barber & beauty charges, transportation charges, telephone, television services and other miscellaneous charges. Please check the rate schedule.

When can I expect a bill and  what other services can I get from the Business Office?

Monthly statements are mailed to the resident or their responsible party by the 23rd of each month.  Questions regarding a resident’s statement can be directed to the Business Office which is located to the left of the Reception Desk.  The Business Office can offer assistance with questions regarding Medicare, Medicaid and private Insurance billing.  The staff of the Business Office can assist the resident or their personal representative in the Medical Assistance application process.

Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?

St. Mary's Nursing Center, Inc. is certified to receive payment from both the Medicare & Medicaid programs.  The Center also participates with several Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs).  We do not participate with any Long Term Care Insurance plans but we are willing to assist you in completing forms or providing information for the submission of your claims to an insurance company

What types of rehab do you have available?

St. Mary's Nursing Center, Inc. currently offers Physical, Occupational and Speech/Language rehabilitation. These services are provided within the Therapy suite or in a resident’s room. The services include techniques for residents to use when they go home, i.e. getting in or out of a car safely. The Therapy professionals are always striving to get the resident in the most appropriate setting and in a safe setting.  The Therapy Department also works with the restorative Nursing Aides who continue with exercise programs after the intense Therapy programs have reached their maximum potential.

What types of other services do you provide?


Along with Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapies, St. Mary’s Nursing Center Inc. can also provide wound care, IV Therapy, Pain Management, Diabetes & Insulin instruction, Ostomy care, gastrostomy tube feedings and limited tracheotomy care, These instructions helps a person regain or adapt to what challenges life has given a person. A person who suffers from recent injuries or disabilities from, fractures, stokes, arthritis, amputation, joint replacement, back & neck injuries, neuromuscular disorders or has had bypass surgery may be able to obtain assistance from the J. Patrick Jarboe Rehabilitation Unit.  Please contact the Admissions Office to determine if we can be of assistance 

How do I get my mail?

The U.S. Postal Service delivers mail to the Center daily.  Our activity staff or volunteers will deliver the mail to your room.

Can I bring items from home?

A resident may bring any furniture that they may wish as long as it will not impede the delivery of care within the room. The only piece of furniture within the room that must be provided by the Center is the bed.  The resident may coordinate with the Maintenance Staff the hanging of pictures, installation of  shelves, replacement of the dresser and closet and provide any additional lighting they may desire We request that any additional furniture and/or electrical items be coordinated with the Unit Manager for safety and hazard free operation.  

Do I bring my own medications?

Federal & State regulations do not permit a person or family member to bring medications from home to be administered by our staff. All medications must be provided by a licensed Pharmacy within the State of Maryland.  A person, who wishes to have their medications come from a local pharmacy, must make arrangements made through the Unit Manager.  


Who do I talk to about a complaint?

Please direct any questions and complaints to the Unit Manager.  They will coordinate with the Director of Nursing, the Social Worker, and/or the Administrator to resolve any issues.  If the Unit Manager is unavailable, you may always request to talk with the Nursing Supervisor. You may also contact the Director of Nursing or the Administrator directly  

Can I take my loved one home for a visit?

Yes, home visits are encouraged. There may be restrictions or conditions that may be placed by the Physician or the medications that must be taken at a particular time, Resident’s families are requested to coordinate the outing with the Unit Manager before leaving the Center to coordinate obtaining and organizing any mediations that may be needed with the pharmacy.

How often will my loved one see a doctor while in the NH?

A resident will be seen by the Physician or the Nurse Practitioner upon admission and every thirty days thereafter for the first 90 days.  The Physician can go to a 60 day visitation cycle if the resident’s condition warrants.  The Center contracts for the services of a full-time Nurse Practitioner who works under the guidance of the Center’s Medical Director.  

Do you offer transportation?

St. Mary's Nursing Center, Inc. does have agreements with a variety of Medical providers to offer services to the residents within the Center itself.  Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with wheelchair lifts and is designed to transport our residents to their various appointments or outings with the Activity Department or for private adventures. Arrangements for transportation can be made through the Unit Manger.  Please check the Rate Schedule for fees. 

I have 100 days coverage under Medicare, why will it not cover for my stay at St. Mary’s?

Medicare coverage can last as long as 100 days.  However,100 days coverage is not guaranteed and is dependent upon the resident’s medical condition and the need to have skilled nursing services provided on a daily basis.  Typically, Medicare will cover an eligible person fully for the first 20 days.  From the 21st day until 100th day, there is a co-pay arrangement where Medicare will pay part of the cost and the resident pays part of the cost.  Coverage under Medicare is complicated and any questions about coverage should be directed to the Admissions Office and/or the Business Office.



The Resident & Family Handbook contains a more detailed explanation to most questions experienced by residents and families.  Please stop by the Admission’s Office to review or request a copy.



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